‘Bula’ Beauties

We have just returned from a super relaxing sojourn to one of the beautiful islands of Fiji. The tropical fruits, flowers, warm waters and magnificent ocean life were nothing short of spectacular. Even better, were the locals, who have to be the friendliest people we have encountered anywhere in the world. Their happy disposition is totally infectious, so if you ever get the chance to visit, take it!

While in Savusavu, we met a gorgeous local marama (lady) who gave us her family’s recipe for a coconut based home-made body scrub; a perfect antidote for dry, scaly winter skin. Just in time for summer.

I love making it, using it and gifting it. It makes for a really special gift – labeled and packaged up in a funky jar. So if you’ve started thinking about gift ideas for Christmas this is a great one to consider.

What you’ll need:
1 medium airtight container, or a couple of funky jars
A mixing bowl and a wooden spoon (I just used my hands)
500g raw organic brown sugar
1 bottle of quality coconut oil. Not all coconut oils are equal, so for a quality scrub, choose a quality oil. I bought mine online at http://www.coconutmagic.com

How to prepare:
Measure out 2 cups of brown sugar and 1 cup of coconut oil, mix well in your bowl then transfer to airtight container/jar.  Allow mixture to sit for 10-14 days in a cool, dry place.

How to use:
Using your hands, apply your home-made body scrub in small circular motions all over your body avoiding your face. The Fijians feel it is too harsh and oily for that area. Wrap yourself in a towel, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, then rinse off in the shower. My skin was glowing, moisturised and felt fabulous for days. Your scrub will last 3 months if stored in a cool, dry place.

I hope every busy parent and all my metrosexual readers give this one a go.  You’ll love it or at the very least, it will remind you of our youth; coating ourselves in Reef coconut oil when there wasn’t a care in the world and we still had an ozone layer.