Avocado Magic

Avocados remind me of my childhood, when I ate them right off the tree or doused them in brown vinegar and way too much table salt. These days I prefer them with the addition of cleansing herbs and a generous pinch of Himalayan sea salt, complete with its 84 micronutrients. I’m showing my age!

The magic of my creation is that it can be served for breakfast, as a dip, a top nachos, as a 4pm pick-me-up and is absolutely awesome piped on melba toasts or even better, mini vegan pikelets, which were gone before I could even get my camera.


What you’ll need:
2 ripe avocados
1 lemon
1 bunch of flat leaf parsley
1 bunch of basil
Pure or unrefined Himalayan sea salt – my favourite brands are Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt which you’ll find at all good health food stores or Cyndi O’Meara’s natural sea salt which you can buy on-line here: http://changinghabits.com.au/healthy-shopping/all-products/all-natural-seawee…


How to prepare:
Halve, deseed and scoop out avocado into a mixing bowl, then mash.  A chunky mash is good for toast, but a fine mash works best for canapes.

Add juice of lemon (I like to add the pulp too), then season with Himalayan sea salt.

De-leaf basil and parsley until you have a handful of each herb. I like to keep a little of the stem while de-leafing, because the stems hold so much flavour and provide a necessary crunch to the dish.

Chop herbs; a course chop for toast and nachos, a finer chop for a dip or canapes. Fold herbs into avocado mixture.  Taste, adjust seasoning if needed.

The perfect marriage of flavours leaves you with something salty, sour, cleansing and with an addictive crunch that contrasts the creamy avocado. Well that’s how my darling husband described it to me anyway.

Make factory farming history… you can make it possible.